Karlee Lands a Huge Pike in Ontario!

Karlee, Kris, and Babe Winkelman were on an Ontario fishing trip when suddenly Karlee feels her fishing line go tight from the raw power of a 20+ pound Northern Pike. She was not afraid and reeled that monster better than her father ever could, even in his glory days.

It truly was a moment a couple of fishing parents could be proud of. Meanwhile, poor Kris Winkelman nearly fell in the ice-cold water trying to lift Karlee’s big catch into the boat! They were able to hold that trophy fish up and snap a couple pictures to remember the amazing catch by. Kris lowered the pike back into the water and watched it swim off into the cold, Candian waters. The annual Winkelman Ontario trip always provides hours and hours of priceless family bonding time and is an experience to look forward to year-round!

There are plenty more fishing memories to come! Be sure to keep up with the Winkelmans right here on winkelman.com.

Karlee Huge Pike

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  1. Dave Hinrichs says:

    Next summer, my wife and I will be visiting Niagra Falls. I was wondering if you could recommend a spot that I could get a day fishing trip in near there?

    Dave Hinrichs

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