Corporate Events/Buy Babe’s Time

Babe Winkelman’s celebrity time is available! Book Babe for your next corporate event. He can speak to your employees telling stories or sharing important values with them, he can partake in the events (golf, fishing, etc.) and even sign autographs/meet & greet! Babe has been across the US speaking to crowds for decades. He has experience at Grand Openings, Corporate events, seminars, and schools. Buy a day with Babe to auction off at your next fundraiser! The possibilities are endless, and customizable.

Lynch Family Companies, Elks Foundation, Leoch Batteries, GMC, Cabelas, True Value Hardware


Babe is available to join you at your next Non-Profit event to raise the bar and draw a crowd. His success rate is unmatched, and putting him on your roster is sure to impress your clients. Babe is available to attend the event, sign autographs, speak, and socialize.

United Heroes League, Wounded Warriors, Delta Waterfowl, Kent Hrbek and Babe Winkelman ALS Fundraiser, Fargo/Morehead Als Fundraiser, State Fish Art Program’s celebrity and a couple years helping Wildlife Forever


Babe has been a leading promoter for many large names in the outdoors, and is available to help take your advertising to the next level. Babe has a global reach, and would love to create content for your new line, make a video with your product, attend your company’s booth for a day, speak on behalf of your company at events, and advertise your brand across his social platforms.

SC Johnson, Chevy, Ontario, Cabela’s, President George Busch, Miller High Life, ZipLoc Bags


100’s of newspaper articles by local Outdoor Writers all over the country and Canada.   For 12 years Babe Cohosted a national radio show with Bill Dance for Dupont Stren fishing Line across the US.  For about 14 years Babe had a syndicated newspaper column in the US. with an average readership of nearly 25 million weekly readers!  1988 People magazine did a feature article on me because we had the largest group of outdoor HH’s watching our shows on the Globe!!  Cover Photos from Fishing tackle trade news, Fishing Tackle Retailer, Midwest Outdoors from Chicago, Outdoor Outlines, Outdoor News,  Fins and Feathers features and covers,  1989 Midwest Living Feature, 1987 Saturday Evening Post, articles in Bassmaster, In fisherman, many in Fins and Feathers, and 9 years as a field editor for Fishing Facts magazine.  Scores of radio shows all over the country including the Jonathon Brandmeier Show.  And personal appearances from San Diego CA to Suffern New York and from Seattle to Orlando and most major cities in between.  Babe was the spokesman for the Province of Ontario for over 20 years and spoke in dozens of different cities across the country for them.  I was also a guest on the Donny and Marie Osmund show along with John boy from the Waltons.  Its been a wild crazy ride!

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame ,  MN Fishing Hall of Fame,  Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.   The largest is the Sports Legends Hall of Fame, which happened in 1992.  It is a global Hall of Fame for athletes.  33 were inducted that night from around the globe,  including 3 from the USA.  Pete Rose for Baseball, Evander Holifield for boxing and Babe Winkelman for Fishing.  Babe is the only person from the Outdoors to ever receive this award in their history!