Last spring, The Winkelman’s went back to Ontario in an attempt to capture some hunts at BraceLake Outfitters. They flew up in planes and we so excited to go on a bear hunt adventure. The bear hunts here and so important for the local economy because it brings in hunters from all the around the world looking to test their skills and hunting some big game. Bracelake Outfitters helps hunters about with supplying them the knowledge to where they have seen bears and just how dense the population is. There is a 105,000 bear population in Ontario. This number is a healthy and sustainable for the ecosystem that is home to lots of wildlife.

Ontario Bear

Babe and his family finally had the chance after so many years to experience the signature Ontario bear hunt once again.

Find out what happens in this adventure this time!

Experience your own adventure at Bracelake Outfitters.
Learn more about this destination on their website:
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Ontario Bear

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