Saskatchewan fishing adventures are always action-packed with extremely aggressive pike and walleyes. It was almost too easy to catch walleye here due to the large population residing in these Canadian rivers. The abundance of aquatic life was very exciting, but Babe and Karlee experienced something interesting this time around. They would catch a 3-4lb walleye and before they could reel their catch in.

Walleye in Pike's Mouth
The Winkelman’s had plenty of walleye action the first couple days, but that was nothing compared to the last day when they went after some MASSIVE pike. These pike were 30+ pounds and as long as 50 inches! Karlee said that she had never seen her dad this pumped up before in her entire life. There are hardly any places in North America that have fish this size. Northern Saskatchewan is unlike any other fishing location in the world and many anglers do not believe the stories until they experienced it for themselves!


2 thoughts on “Five 30-Pound Pike Caught in Saskatchewan Canada

  1. Terry says:

    Wow great pike fishing episodes in northern Saskatchewan Babe.
    Really enjoyed watching the 2 part Cree River Lodge.
    You and your daughter make a great fishing team.
    Hope you get back to Saskatchewan to fish in 2018.
    I live in Regina, Saskatchewan which is in the southern part of the province.
    My main fishing lake is Lake Diefenbaker which is also a great fishing lake.
    Will definitely get up to Cree River Lodge to try the pike fishing.
    I have been watching your shows for years. I have never seen you more excited about catching a fish as you were @ Cree River Lodge.
    Thanks for years of exciting and educational TV.

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