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iTruck radio had Babe on to talk about ticks. Every hunter and fisherman alive knows about ticks and the importance of removing any latched tick as quickly as possible. However, there is still a growing epidemic of cases involving tick-borne illnesses in the US. This is because people are not educated enough on the topic. The harmful pathogens carried by these infectious and almost unnoticeable parasites have long-lasting effects on people’s lives.

In this segment of iTruck Radio, Babe goes into detail about how proper and effective tick removal is crucial to preventing illness. Improper removal is the easiest way to make sure that any harmful bacteria is transmitted into the bloodstream. After removal is also very important in this process due to the difficulty many people face when detecting symptoms of Lyme disease or Babesiosis. The symptoms take a long time to manifest in the body and can be mistaken for the common cold. Babe and the people close to him have been affected by this exact situation and even lost a dear friend due to late detection. There are many options available including a kit called, MyLymeTest, where you are able to test yourself or your pet from the comfort of your own home! There are options available in which you are able to test the latched tick, itself, for dangerous pathogens by ordering a full tick report HERE.

There are also pre-treated clothing and repellents to prevent the ticks from ever coming in contact with you or your family. Insect Shield provides many options for men, women, kids, and even pets! They also offer a Permethrin clothing spray that is specifically designed to kill ticks on contact! There is a wide variety of preventative measure that can save you and your family from Tick-Borne Illnesses. Check out Babe Winkelman’s Tick-Borne Illness Information Center for our comprehensive guide to tick safety.

1 thoughts on “iTruck Radio – Babe Winkelman Talks on Tick-Borne Illnesses

  1. Wendy Skillman says:

    Thank you! I have been dealing with this for over 15 years. I’m 62 years old and trying to live my best life with this painful and life-altering disease. I had 3 courses of LymeRix (the Lyme vaccine) that was taken off the market which either accelerated something in me that I didn’t know about or caused the disease it was supposed to protect me from, although they will tell you it was taken off the market due to “lack of interest”. I went from healthy and active and with each shot, I became progressively worse with full-blown Lyme issues and never recovered. There are many of us out there with the same experience. There was a failed class action suit (which I was not a part of) against the company Smith-Kline that produced it and I believe the CDC protected them and had them quietly remove LymeRix from the market. I want you to be aware that there were problems with that “vaccine”.
    I’ve been exposed to ticks all my life. I grew up loving nature, hiking and being in the woods so I thought it would be a good idea to be vaccinated. Biggest mistake of my life.
    After a company spends millions of dollars on R & D, testing (faulty, as I know now) and marketing no company would take this off the market due to “lack of interest”. If that was true, they would bring it back, there is no “lack of interest” now. There is a history of why the CDC, the medical community, and the insurance companies dropped the ball on Lyme and it needs to be known. Here is a start if you are interested because it affects all of us.

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