Babe’s must-pack list:

When it comes to hunting, you always need to be prepared. While there are a lot of things you could bring with you when you go hunting, here is a list of 8 must-pack items for your hunting trip that are the most important.


  1. Binoculars – It’s much easier to make the shot if you can see where precisely you are aiming. A quality pair of binoculars will help you catch a sight from long distances, and prepare you to make the kill.

  2. Pocket knife – You never know what you may encounter out in the field. Having a pocket knife handy can help in any situation, for safety and survival.

  3. Water Bladder – Having fresh water available to you at all times is extremely important in hunting. Always make sure to fill it up before you head out. Staying hydrated is key to preventing a miserable day on the range.

  4. Extra Socks – This might seem like it is unnecessary until you step in water unexpectedly and your feet are damp. Having an extra pair of socks could make or break your whole hunt and prevent hypothermia.

  5. Rope – This is a hunting must-have for when you make your first kill. You will need the rope to help with the gutting process. It can also be handy for making a quick shelter if to stay overnight.

  6. Survival kit – With all your necessary first aid supplies and a compass. You can never be too safe!

  7. Physical Map – Even the greatest outdoorsmen need a map. While you might not need it when you set out, it could come in handy later throughout the hunt. Don’t rely on technology maps like your iPhone. It’s always a best bet to carry a physical, paper version.

  8. Toilet Paper – Well, ya know. Just in case.


If you want to see these items in action, watch some sweet videos here!

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