Interview #1 with iTruck Radio:

Babe Winkelman interviews for iTruck Radio about his life, family, career, and much more! You will learn about where he started, where he’s been, and how he sees his future in the company as well as the world. Babe talks about how his family is involved, and what they’re doing to become a bigger part of the business. He also explains the first time he met Kris. Also, he tells about how they came to be the iconic duo they are today.

Babe interviews about his daughters for iTruck Radio:

When you tune into Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets or Good Fishing, there a good chance you end up seeing one of his daughters. Usually, you can catch them learning from him or using what they’ve learned from him to snag more fish. But what you don’t know, is how life was behind the scenes. Babe traveled often, leaving not much time to visit with his girls, and so when he’d come back he’d be able to spend time with them. Being divorced, it wasn’t very easy for Babe to be as close as he’d have liked to with them. In this interview with iTruck Radio, Babe gets to a personal level about his family life back in the day. Tune in to find out where he went from there to get to where he is now.


The next time you’re on a long drive, listen to some more personal interviews with Babe! If you’d happen to stop for a snack, check out some sweet pictures we’ve taken along the way of our adventures and see if they’re familiar with your travels!

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