Episode #2 iTruck Radio

Babe Winkelman interviews with iTruck Radio about a number of impressive accomplishments he has completed. He tells stories from some of the first times he’d experienced the outdoors, to the most recent trips. This is a true explanation of how he came up form the bottom to make it where he is now. Babe has always been a wonderful story teller. He has been so many places, seen so many things, and done some of the impossible. This hour long interview from iTruck Radio gives you a first hand look at how he fell in love with the outdoors. Further more, how far Babe has come in the Outdoor Industry. From awards to different articles, he’s got a top spot on the bragging board.

Instead of listening, you can watch Babe’s adventures as well follow the latest news on his social media so you never miss a Winkelman moment!


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