Kris Winkelman’s Venison & Cabbage Lasagna

Typically, when we harvest an animal we end up making steaks, hot dogs, etc. Kris Winkelman gives you a whole new perspective on venison with this recipe! Venison & Cabbage Lasagna isn’t only incredibly delicious, it’s also very lean and healthy!

Looking for more than Lasagna? Here’s where to look:

Babe and Kris Winkelman have been working together for quite some time now bringing you the best of the outdoors. They both hunt which means they both partake in the feast. Kris have numerous recipes here, and Babe has endless amounts of outdoor content here. So incase you’re looking for more great stuff, now you’ve got a place to find it! Enjoy!



(click image to download recipe)

1 thoughts on “Venison & Cabbage Lasagna

  1. John Lisuzzo says:

    Love the Recipes I’ve eaten from Kris’ Kitchen. Is there a way for me just to index and view just venison Recipes?

    Thank You, John Lisuzzo

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