Kris Winkelman’s Brown Trout Recipe

When it comes to finding a good Brown Trout Recipe, it’s not always as simple as google. Not everyone is a seasoned outdoorsmen and knows how to transform the flavor of fish. But that is not the case with Kris Winkelman. She’s come up with a wonderful cure for Brown Trout that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Where to find more than just this Brown Trout Recipe:

You tried the recipe, fell in love, and want more now? It’s a good thing the Winkelman’s make it super easy to connect in multiple ways. They’ve completely changed their website, so now you can search recipes, blog posts, hunting videos, and much more! Also, Babe’s Facebook page is booming with new content everyday as well as hilarious new Live Videos.



Brown Trout Recipe

(click image to download file)

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