While out on another Outdoor Secrets adventure, Babe was turkey hunting with his compound bow and something very unusual happened. There was a large one spotted across the field but was not responding to any of the turkey calls from Babe. However, some time went by and there appeared a second large turkey. Babe pulled back on his bowstring and lined up the shot. Being an experienced hunter, Babe was able to take a swift and painless kill-shot with a single arrow. But it was not over yet…


This is where things got weird. The first turkey that was spotted earlier in the hunt must have had some serious beef to pick with the second turkey, because he sprinted over to the deceased turkey and ATTACKED. That big boy went at it with pecks and scratches for a full 10 minutes and was so distracted that Nate, a Babe Winkelman Productions Inc. cameraman, was able to sneak up on the turkey. He got within 5 feet of the aggressive turkey before he noticed that he was not alone. And with its rival turkey defeated, he ran off back into the wild. We can only guess what that crazy turkey is up to now…


It just goes to show you, even after all the years and years of turkey hunting, you can still see things that really make you scratch your head… Check out the full video below:


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