Wacky Ways to Big Fish with Nate Berg

Usually bass fishing takes a few slings of a rubber worm or if you’re lucky you can get one while fishing panfish on a worm and bobber. Our favorite fishing tactics for big fish never seem to fail us, but have you ever heard of a wacky worm? Because fishing just got a whole lot easier. Nate Berg takes you out on the hunt for some big bass while teaching you everything there is to know about this rig. Nate’s tactic and boat full of bass are sure to get you amped for your next trip out. Once you’ve gotten bass thumb from that trip, Babe takes you out to Wilderness Lodge for some smallies.

Small Mouth Sight fishing with Babe Winkelman

Early in the spawning season, small mouth bass hang out on their beds which makes for some killer sight fishing. Babe gives you insight into how sight fishing working works. As well as what kind of lure works best, and the best time of year to head out. Babe’s favorite fish to catch is a small mouth, so naturally he’s got all the tricks. To begin with, he heads out around the lake checking for small mouth bass beds. Once he’s found them, he hooks up a jig and gives er’ a toss up to the beds. The fish explode. You’ve got to check in and see this.

Simple set up with a crawler for some weeded walleyes

Finally, Nate Berg is out in the boat again teaching you some new ways to snag Walleye. No, it’s not our trusty jigging tactic. It’s actually much simpler than that! All he does it attach a fat crawler by the head to a simple set up, toss it back over the boat, and slowly troll until WHAM. A big walleyes swoops in and nails it! This easy set up is convenient for a number of reasons. One, it doesn’t take any fancy tackle. Two, it is used with trolling, so you don’t have to worry about casting or using your arms until a big fish takes your bait. Finally the third sweet thing about this is that it brings in some HUGE walleyes! Who wouldn’t want that? Nate shows you possibly one of the easiest ways to catch big fish no matter what the conditions are.

Big Fish in action is our specialty, watch more wild snags here!




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