Not many things in life get close to the thrill of true trophy hunting. The build-up and emotion behind the activity can be exhilarating and overwhelming. A perfect example of this is when Karlee went out in Kansas to try to hunt an elusive buck, nicknamed “The Flyer,” and ended up with the big score. It was, in fact, the biggest buck ever seen on Outdoor Secrets, and it didn’t happen without a lot of work, patience, and willpower.

Kansas is big whitetail country, with lots of private lands dedicated to the activity. At Arrowhead Wilderness Outfitters, Karlee worked with a guide who had been watching the buck since August and was ready to help her take it on. Cold weather was an obstacle in the hunt – 13 degrees was considered warm on those long days. After multiple days in unforgiving temperatures, and mounting uncertainty about what spot would be the best to catch “The Flyer,” the guide jumped some deer and Karlee spotted the buck.

Tension builds as Karlee aims at “The Flyer,” and when she takes it out, she’s overcome with shock, surprise, and tears of joy. They had one day to go on the outing and she got it just in time, her once-in-a-lifetime buck! This outing really shows the full thrill of hunting, and the feeling someone can experience when they land the big one.

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