How to use Sonar to find Fish with Babe Winkelman

When you go out fishing, you can feel pretty blind in the middle of an unknown lake with no idea how to find fish or where to look or even what to use. Babe Winkelman heads out to a local lake to explain as well as demonstrate the importance of using sonar to find fish. He goes into depth with how to use sonar and what each of the screens means in order to properly locate your fish. Whether is a lake you’ve never been, or one you’re familiar with, this video can teach you more than one trick on finding fish who are hiding places you’ve never even know to exist! This is worth sticking around for.

How you can use sonar and what to learn from this video:

  • Sonar is a very useful tool to help locate fish in known or unknown water
  • Each modern sonar unit will include a number of different useful pages and qualities to track fish
  • Different features show different underwater structure in different ways
  • Sonar doesn’t only track fish, but most of the underwater structure that the fish live in
  • Use sonar for the next time you’re out on an unfamiliar lake to track large unseen obstructions that could be potentially dangerous
  • You can also use it to help locate where you’ve been on a lake by mapping your trail so you’re never lost

This is one of the most useful tools in the boat and if you don’t believe it, check out all of these videos of Babe on lakes HE’S NEVER BEEN (and some that he has) just hammering the fish!

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