Babe Winkelman Fishing Walleyes in Rainy Lake Ontario

Babe Winkelman, Wayne Enger, and Dale La Belle head to La Belle’s Birch Point Camp on Rainy Lake in Ontario Canada for some trophy Rainy Lake walleye fishing. You’ve got to see what they come up with! To begin with, Babe offers some back round information on the fishing status of Rainy Lake, as well as where the population of walleyes are headed. You will learn the technique of jig fishing, the how to’s as well as the not to’s in order to catch some fat golden walleyes. Finally, Babe, Wayne, and Dale have a complete hoot nailing some true Ontario Walleyes while soaking up the beautiful views and learning a little bit about the geography. This is something you need to see. Read below to learn what you can take away from this video in order to catch come big fish!

Here’s what you can learn from today’s Rainy Lake Walleye Fishing video:

  • Jig Technique to snag a few walleyes on your next trip
  • History about Rainy Lake in Ontario Canada
  • Slot Limits for walleyes on Rainy Lake in America
  • Slot Limits for walleyes on Rainy Lake in Canada
  • Size limits of legal fish to keep for each side of the USA/Canada border
  • How Rainy Lake was formed from glaciers
  • The rocks making up Rainy Lake’s border are 2.5-3.6 billions years old

For more information and videos check out this link: Babe Winkelman Productions 

One thought on “Rainy Lake Walleye fishing in Ontario Canada With Babe Winkelman Video

  1. Mike Konig says:

    Babe and family,

    You should try fishing in the Arrowhead, Cook County region of Minnesota. There are plenty of great lakes up here for walleye,

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