Nate Berg took a small trip to a local lake in Brainerd, Minnesota to fish for some bass while also looking for spawning bluegills that Babe’s grandson can get some practice on. Panfish are fun and easy to catch and is a great way for young anglers to get plenty of technique and form practice. Building core fishing skills on panfish will build the confidence they can use while catching those heavier and stronger basses.

Common Panfish/Sunfish Species

Bluegills are the most common sunfish around Minnesota and are only one of many panfish species in North America. It is also likely you’ll be catching Green Sunfish and Pumpkinseed (Shellcracker) too. Below is a chart of the most common panfish around us:

When and How to Sight Fish Spawning Bluegill

Around Minnesota, spawning usually occurs between Late-May and June when the water temperature in the shallows reach that magic number 60°F-65°F range. During the pre-spawning, the male panfish usually head to the shallows and build spawning beds while the female panfish choose a mate based on the male fish grunting sounds and their body size.

They are highly concentrated in small areas during this time so once you spot a spawning bed the fish will come easy! Polarized sunglasses make it easy to see beneath the water’s surface. Check out the official Babe Winkelman Fishing Sunglasses Here.  Now that you have a bed in sight, fishing it is as easy as casting the lure nearby, letting it sink, and hook them the moment the panfish takes hold and pulls. It is that simple!

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