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Our annual spring turkey hunt in central Minnesota has always been one of the things my family, close friends, and I look forward to all year long! As my family and friends have grown into more experienced and skilled hunters, it has been interesting seeing how we have all taken differing approaches to the hunt!

Kris and I have always had a love for the thrilling challenge of bowhunting on a turkey hunt. As for my daughter, Mackenzie, she decided to hunt all on her own even doing her own turkey calls that she’s been practicing. Her equipment of choice was a shotgun! Our close friend and ranch manager, Wayne Inger, decided on hunting gobblers with his trusty crossbow.

This turkey hunt had some of the most fast-action and success than any other year before. What an amazing experience and we are extremely excited to share it with all of you! Please watch our turkey hunt adventure and share what you think about each approach used in the reply section below. We would love to hear about your own methods you used on your hunts.

Happy hunting!
Turkey Hunt - 3 unique approaches

P.S. If you want some insight into why I choose to hunt check my blog post I wrote. It goes into a bit of history about how I feel in love with learning about how complex yet simple the outdoors really is.

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