South Dakota Pheasants with Babe Winkelman

In this episode, Babe takes his family out to South Dakota for some Rooster Pheasants. Along with them, their favorite hunting buddy; Scamper! Babe’s daughter Doni has never hunted, so tune in to see her take her first pheasant!

Pheasants, Food, and Friends..

During their visit to Dakota Wild Wings in South Dakota, Babe and his family made so many good memories. From the start we knew it would be interesting since Doni had never hunted before. Everyone was so eager to see her first bird!! She was a little nervous but when it was her turn, she made a nice shot and took a healthy rooster! Following the kill shot was a super interesting pheasant happy dance! That’s something you’ll want to see. During the hunt there were more than one happy dance done at least once by everyone out here. At Dakota Wild Wings, their policy  is as followed; 2 for 1. When it comes to pheasant conservation the owner Doug does a special thing. For every pheasant taken on his hunts, he stocks the field with two. This means he replaces the fallen with two new pheasant into his many food plots and healthy pheasant habitat. This keeps a sure steady population that’s always slowly growing despite the many other predators besides humans.


Dakota Wild Wings Pheasants

This trip was beyond memorable in a number of ways. Doni got her first bird, the first ever pheasant dances, and much more… The most important in our hearts was a chance to get out and enjoy this great sport with the ones we love. Like Scamper, our Springer Spaniel who is no longer with us. We not look back with half full hearts with tears of thanks in our eyes to have had this opportunity to watch Scamper preform his magic one last time.


If you’re a bird hunter, I know you’ll understand the meaning in this story. For more like this, go here to our website. For the photos, live videos, and behind the scenes, go here to our Facebook Page.

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