About this video clip

This is a short highlight clip featuring Karlee Winkelman out on a hunt for some buck! For this hunting trip, she uses all her knowledge that she has learned over the years of practice and continued determination. Animal behavior can be very predictable when you know the exact factors that affect them. For example, Karlee had been stalking a few Mule Deer for a couple hours but was never able to get close enough for a clean shot. This is a common situation that all hunters find themselves in… How do you get closer without spooking them?

Hunters have to be smart and think on their toes. Karlee predicts that the hot weather will funnel the bucks that she has been stalking to a nearby water source. She changes position accordingly and with a little patience her prediction comes true. They spot a deer over a ridge, then quickly and calmly set up to take the shot. It only takes one perfectly placed shot to bring her hunting trip to a successful end!

karlee winkelman mule deer hunt

Note on Ethical Hunting

Karlee’s clip was not only an amazing shot. It is an example of how to hunt ethically. Hunters should always aim for an instant kill. No one wants to let an animal suffer any more than necessary. It is important to be educated on where to aim at on a deer’s body. The areas that contain the most vital organs should be your primary target.

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