Wollaston Lake Lodge Shore Lunch:

Typically Kris Winkelman shares with us one of her outstanding recipes, but not today! This time, a short video capturing a true Canadian Shore Lunch is offered. With big fresh juicy fillets of freshly caught fish, the guides of Wollaston Lake Lodge go to town preparing a beautiful lunch. First, a few guides start filleting and deboning fish while other guides hunt for firewood. They get the fire burning and start boiling oil. Meanwhile, once the fish has been deboned, they then begin preparing the potatoes and beans. With the fire roaring and the oil burning, the fish finally start to cook. During the cooking process, the beans are left near the fire to simmer to perfection.

Finally, all is cooked through, so each member of the fishing party gets to dig in and enjoy! Wollaston Lake Lodge isn’t the only one who can prepare freshly caught fish in a timely matter. Now you have the knowledge to do it yourself!

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3 thoughts on “How to Cook a Fish Fry Shore Lunch Video

  1. Wolf River old timer Bill says:

    great to see all of you fishing together ! Today we saw Kris frying Crappie in corn flakes and flour rcpt and are trying to find it to print it up as the crappie are in the Wolf River here in Wis now and our mouths were drooling watching those slabbers fry !
    Where can we see a printable version ? and keep with the great family values ! Laura and Bill Manny Waupaca

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