How to find seasonal crappies with Babe Winkelman

Like all fish, there’s a lot of knowledge and learning that is involved in becoming a good panfish fisherman. Such as:

  • Knowing where to go
  • What equipment to use
  • Proper fishing techniques
  • Panfish patterns
  • And knowing how the various seasons throughout the year effect these choices

Babe Winkelman and his Grandson Cayden head out to a near by lake to show you all the best techniques on how to find seasonal crappies and limit out! Before we get to that, Nate Berg takes us to a lake in winter to show where the panfish hide when it gets cold out. From googling DNR lake records to finding just the right grub, Nate gives away all his secrets of winter crappie fishing.


Babe and Cayden head out to a local lake for panfish

When the ice thins and breaks away, Babe takes his Grandson out to try for some seasonal slabs. He too explains his tips and tricks on how to find the crappies when the ice is off. Cayden and Babe head out to a little lake through a passageway to find some fish. Not long after they arrive, Cayden hooks into a nice sized largemouth bass! For a young boy, this was quite an excitement. After the bass, the crappies happened. One after another Babe and Cayden net some huge panfish using the tips they teach you along the way. This trip turned out to be one for the books.


The hunting season is all year round right here, as well as some wild fishing stories too! Go check it out, and find us on Facebook as well.

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