Wollaston Lake Lodge is one of Canada’s most premier far north fishing lodges in Saskatchewan. This lucky sweepstakes winner joined Babe and one of the lakes’ guides for a couple days of action-packed pike fishing on the sunny Wollaston Lake.

Clint catches big pike wallaston lake lodge

In particular, this lake is seen as a great pike due to the sheer size of it and the plentiful number of pike structures. One of which being sand bays because pike love to use this type of terrain to lay eggs during spawning periods at the start of the season. Another common pike structure is a “cabbage bed” which is an area with underwater string grass and seaweed that pike love to hang out in during the hotter days.pike in cabbage beds Wollaston lake lodge
Special Guest, Clint Kirk, had been away from the fishing pole for several years which made him a bit rusty. However, with two experienced fishing experts at his side, he was able to pick the rod and reeling in some decently sized catches after just a few casts! He was an incredibly quick learner and soaked in all the knowledge and tricks so easily. He even landed the first catch of the day!

Watch His Full Adventure with Babe Winkelman Above!
Large pike caught Canada

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  1. Mike McGrey says:

    Heading for Canada in late May (Indian Lake Lodge – fifth trip) and looking for tips on how to catch walleyes

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