Monster Pike action at Wollaston Lake Lodge

Following a previous episode, Babe Winkelman takes the lucky Chevy sweepstakes winner to crank on some huge pike up at Wollaston Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan Canada. With some of the best weather Babe has ever had on a fishing trip in his life, the pike bite was on fire to say the least. Almost every single day they had sunshine and big gators on their lines. The pike were hitting all sorts on different baits which made is easy enough to have loads of fun. Towards the end of the summer, the pike bite is usually wild because the fish are at their biggest and hungriest point of the year. Trust me, you’ll know when one of these guys hit your bait. During the course of a few flawless days, Babe shows you just a fraction of the pike Wollaston Lake Lodge has to offer while teaching you all the moves to reel in a few 45′ plus inch pike. If you’ve never witnessed a monster pike slamming a top water, you don’t want to miss this.

Clint catches big pike wallaston lake lodge

Monster Pike from Wollaston take aways:

  • During the late summer, pike are at their heaviest weight of the year
  • At the same time, they’re also the hungriest they are all year. Making for some incredible fishing.
  • Sunny weather is wonderfully helpful to spot-fish big pike in shallow waters
  • Canada continues to yield some of the worlds finest game fishing
  • Fishing for monster pike has the potential to be some of the wildest fishing you’ve ever experienced.
  • Wollaston Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan Canada is the “jewel of the north” for big pike

This video is one of MANY videos Babe has done on monster pike. So if you’re looking for more action check THIS out!


One thought on “Babe’s Best Monster Pike Day at Wollaston

  1. Scott Bergstrom says:

    Babe saw you catch your big pike at Cree River with a spoon. I am not a big spoon fisherman, but I am a big pike fisherman and I to caught a 46.5 ” pile weighing lick yours 32 pounds. I am having my first relplica fish made at advance taxidermy. My question is the spoon you used look like some kind of prism green or yellow, what type and size spoon was it.

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