Kris takes Karlee along on an Archery hunt for Canadian Black Bear

Kris Winkelman had been visiting Boarder Country Outfitters in Emo Ontario with Karlee for a few years prior to this particular hunt, but left empty handed due to off season weather. This time was different. To begin with, Steve and Robin show you what it takes to get prepped for the opening of bear season. From placing stands to mixing bait buckets, they’ll do everything possible to ensure a successful season for the camp. This year, their hard work paid off for Kris and Karlee. After a number of thrilling nights in the stand, the right bear finally decided to show himself for Kris. Being that Karlee was under the legal age to archery hunt Canadian Black Bear, she had the joy of cheering mom on during the hunt. You’ll want to see how this one plays out!

Kris Winkelman kills drop-tine Monster Moose in Ontario Canada

Ontario Canada provides Kris Winkelman with the most unbelievable shot at a huge nontypical monster moose that just so happened to have DUAL drop-tines! Yes, we are still in disbelief that this happened or even that there is such a thing. Babe and Kris Winkelman were headed up to Atikokin Ontario for some archery moose hunting when the hunt of a lifetime came into view. As most hunters know, hunting isn’t just killing. It’s hard work, the up most patience, and many hours of perseverance. Though Babe could’ve used a bull moose, it was Kris who brought home the meat on this trip. This is truly amazing, take a look!

Want more trilling action from the Winkelman’s? Head to their hang out and get your fix of everything outdoors.

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