Fishing Mid Day Walleyes with Babe Winkelman

Babe Winkelman’s Pro Staffer Nate Berg teaches you how to fish for Mid Day Walleyes. From which bait to use, to what technique gets the bite going, he’ll have you limited out in no time. After watching Nate reel in some Summer Walleyes, you’ll know how to catch walleyes in no time!

What You’ll Learn about Fishing for Mid Day Walleyes

  • How to find them when the summer heat drives them out of the shallow areas.
  • What type of bait works best to match the type of food they’re hunting in cooler waters.
  • The types of structure to look for when trying to find where the walleyes are hanging out.

In the Superior-Ashland- Hayward Triangle, Jeff Edwards guides Nate Berg, a Pro Staffer of Babe Winkelman Productions on Crawler Harnesses, and other baits to find the walleyes. Jeff explains which colors, sizes, and movements make those walleyes hungry! Despite multiple changes in different shapes and colors of harnesses, they always come back.

Want to learn more about how to snag some big walleyes? Check out our website: Babe Winkelman Productions

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  1. Scott Baron Margolis says:

    Mid summer walleye video was awesome. Thanks for providing the readers with such great footage. The Baron

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