Babe Winkelman catches some of the Biggest Book Trout in North America

Where are the Biggest Brook Trout in North America hiding? Babe Winkelman and daughter Karlee take you on a trip to Ontario Canada as well as Lake Superior USA for some for some big beautiful brookies. To begin the trip, Babe gives you some general insight to the Nipigon area. How to the lake is set up, where the river leaves the lake to connect to Lake Superior, and finally Babe shares some really intriguing information on the World Record Brook Trout! He then heads out to Nipigon River with daughter Karlee to catch monster fish. You’ll never believe what Karlee ends up catching on the river, it’s unbelievable!

Once they’ve had a blast there, they decide to take their adventure out into the open waters of Lake Superior while staying at Bowman Island Lodge. While there, Babe teaches Karlee some key techniques to finding the brookies and exactly how to whip a jig into the right place to snag a few big ones! Learn with Karlee about the sights of the area and the difference in Brook Trout compared to traditional Minnesotan fish. A true once in a lifetime experience you wont want to miss!

Exciting take away from catch BIG Brook Trout:

  • Nipigon River yielded the world record brook trout on July 20th of 1915
  • Recently Nipigon held a celebration for the still standing record of 100 year! Hooray!
  • Babe shows you the difference between river fishing for and lake fishing
  • Karlee explains in detail the appearance of a brook trout so you’re never confused
  • Babe and Karlee together bring you on an incredible journey through the North American waters for some of the biggest brook trout around

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